A Tornado of Creation @ Elementary Winter Camp!

February Winter Camp

Below: Errol’s brain science which he calls “Tornado Creation”! He made a brain with connected electrodes sitting on brain waves. Very clever!


The week started with a brainstorming and planning meeting with the camp kids, which Errol dubbed “Tornado Creation”! Such an appropriate name because  the 4-day week became alive and full with, well, a tornado of creations!


Above is a picture of Uma, Calvin and Alex holding up the group’s ideas for the week. Each activity has the name of the chiefs who will be leading it. The chief is usually the child who brought the idea to the group and got the interest from their peers!


This is Pumpberry, Jesse, building an airplane. There was a small  group that planned and built vehicles to use with another group that was building airport runways and buildings!


Above – Uma is building a Kapla Tower. The children in the group (Uma, Calvin, Alex, Fiona and Elodie) planned on constructing the tower all the way to ceiling! The week ended before they succeeded in just getting halfway towards the ceiling! But just because the week is done doesn’t mean the kids are done! They are coming back on Monday to try again!


Alex R. got things moving with her idea of scooter decorations and parade! All the camp kids were involved in one way or another with costumes, face painting, scooter decorating and a parade around the block through Juri Commons!



Above: Madeline, chief of face painting and building a playhouse. The playhouse became “Face painting central”, though she had no problem being mobile. Wonderful art by her!

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