The 3rd Annual KMS Cafe – 7 Amazing Cafes at the Crossroads of Imagination!

“The KMS Cafe was a very fun process/experience and event. Personally, I think it was a really productive process, not to mention tough and exciting.” -Soren

The Float Thru Cafe


“The Float-Through Cafe felt wonderful…It was too quick. It was zoom-zap turbo-fast. I was making my dad very happy no matter what.” -Ami, Float-Through Cafe

Isaac, the Finance and Philanthropy Specialist, and Randall prepare to greet parents and distribute KMS Cafe Dollars designed by Isaac. “We put pictures of DaVinci on the bills because we were talking a lot about DaVinci and we have DaVinci time a lot for expressing yourself.” -Deonya, Golden Dragon Cafe

The Golden Dragon Cafe


Welcome to The Golden Dragon Cafe – where the dancing and dumplings will astound you!


“People stayed and watched our performance many times, and the food was great!” -Ava, Golden Dragon Cafe

The Black Beatles Rock Cafe


The Black Beatles Rock Cafe and it’s Beatles cover band amazed the crowd!



“The chords are really hard to do because the song goes fast and you have to switch to each chord quickly.” – Asher, The Black Beatles Rock Cafe

The Quest Cafe


The Quest Cafe unveiled “Furlo’s Quest,” written by UE Students!



The Art & Cookie Cafe


Max made the most of the Art & Cookie Cafe.


The Fairy Village Cafe


Enchantment met all who visited the Fairy Village Cafe.

La Fiesta de Te Cafe


The evening would not have been complete without the Fairies Ballet at La Fiesta de Te Cafe!

What Makes KMS Cafe “The Place Where Imagination Meets Reality?”

After a month of hard work, the students were proud to present KMS Cafe 2014. There was a lot going on on Cafe night!  But what went into this magical event?  What makes KMS Cafe so completely unique in San Francisco is it’s origin and inspiration. This isn’t just another assigned school project – this is the brainchild of the children themselves. Students came together and established a vision, designed the concept, built the budget, crafted the menus, organized the effort and materialized their unique vision. This was truly the realization of the unique KMS philosophy.

The Origin of “The Crossroads Cafe”

This name represented the collaboration and diversity of all of the ideas, imaginations, work, research and interests of our students and teachers. The evening featured 7 very different types of cafes. The intention through this project was to build community. Together we formed a community of musicians, artists, dancers, singers, philanthropists, believers in the spirit of nature and magical creatures and cultural celebrations. It was complete with the fresh idea of a drive through cafe where you could order by boat and a message in a bottle! Crossroads Cafe was a place (or places) where family, colleagues, friends, acquaintances and future friends came together and shared in a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

Thank you for coming to the KMS Cafe!
Gracias por venir al KMS Cafe!

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