The Art of Storytelling

The past few weeks have been filled with fun and creativity around the world of storytelling.  What are the different ways you can tell a story?

-The Atelier of Sound (With Lois and Gaydean) has been exploring how to create “sound effects” to tell a story
-Maria has been exploring how to create an illustration that tells a story
-Liz and Peyton have been using digital media to compose movies and stories.
-Alden has begun painting the KMS mural with the children, a piece that tells the story of our KMS community.


As we continue into the next week, we’ll be preparing for the KMS Art Fest.  Children will be preparing works, entertainment and a music video to share at that event!  Keep posted for more about the process in the following weeks.

And we’ll leave you now with our Cool School Song, written by an array of Elementary students as a gift to the Cool Campers (sung to the tune of “This Land is Your Land”):

This class is your class, this class is my class
from Cool camp, to KMS
from finding pine cones, to finding frog legs
This class was made for you and me
This lunch is your lunch, this lunch is my lunch
from the water fountain, to eggplant hot dogs
>from chocolate bars, to marshmallows
This lunch was made for you and me
This school is your school, this school is my school
from the waterhole, to dirt mountain
from swimming, to telling stories
this school was made for you and me
This earth is your earth, this earth is my earth
from the shooting stars, to the Atelier
to roly polys, to the butterflies
this earth was made for you and me
This love is your love, this love is my love
from flowers, to cute babies
from leaves and trees, to mother earth
this love was made for you and me!


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