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Honesty Shop Grand Opening!

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The Elementary program officially opened the Honesty Shop last week with a Grand Opening.  The Grand Opening was organized by the oldest students and included a ribbon cutting, homemade muffins, a visit to the bank and a walk-through of the shop.


The first purchases were made my Aedan and Pierce.


“I bought the mushroom house because one, I like it, and two, my brother made it.” –Aedan

“I bought the mushroom because Aedan bought the mushroom house and we could play together with it…The mushroom lives in the mushroom house.” -Pierce

“Zen” Painting

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Sometimes it’s the simple things.


We love painting with water, it is therapeutic and calming. Often dubbed “Zen” painting, due to its impermanence, it leaves us focusing on what is before us in the moment.

Kids loved having the back deck as their canvas. There was no limit to what surfaces they could paint. As we watched our creations fade away slowly, we knew that we would never run out of things and places to “paint.”


We love you, Conor!

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Pumpkin Exploration

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Parents and teachers collaborated on introducing pumpkins to the children. Through their exploration of the pumpkins they learned new vocabulary words and attributes of a pumpkin. They learned that the pumpkin was round and that it can roll. Leonardo rolled the pumpkin around to test this theory. Roos uttered sounds to indicate that she wanted the pumpkin. The teacher rolled the pumpkin to her. Roos discovered that the pumpkin had a hole. She pointed to the hole and looked inside. This led to an exploration of what is inside the pumpkin.


Atencion Plena y más acerca La Clase de Español

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“When I practice mindfulness, I am very calm and I feel the ground.” Maya

To learn more about this and more doings in Maria Luna’s Spanish Class click here

Garden Colors

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Pumpkins love their time in the garden. They have been curious about all the different plants, so we started collecting small things we could find, and put it on a chart.




We took turns attempting to recreate the colors of the garden with watercolor. It wasn’t easy, creating new colors to match something! The children patiently waited for their turn to paint, and were encouraged to think about what colors they would mix to make the color they wanted.

Exploring The Feel & Sound of Colors by Linnea Larsen

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KMS 097

“Yellow feels like a morning star falling into a pool.”

~ Julia

“Green feels like everything is possible.”

~ Niko

KMS 4 059

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

~ Pablo Picasso

Does the color green make your body feel calm? How does the color yellow and purple make you feel?  If each color had a sound attached to it, and a movement, what would it be?  Since early on in the school year, the Strawberries have been exploring their feelings through art, music, dance, stories, games, discussions and, particularly, through the venue of color.  Each week a “mystery” color has been introduced, and while exploring the color with the medium of paint, the children have taken time to reflect on how the color feels and sounds in their own bodies.  


Harvesting Tomatoes

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Mini tomatoes have ripened in our garden area!  During outside time, the older toddlers enjoy picking mini tomatoes by themselves and tasting them. Rylan and Zachary love eating tomatoes, while Daniel and Roos prefer the collecting process.  These children have decided to partner up; Daniel and Roos pick the tomatoes and hand them to Rylan and Zachary to eat!

Like a Rosetta Stone

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Natalie - Like A Rosetta StoneNina - Like a Rosetta Stone

“Kids’ Rosetta Stones are special.  They are a piece of art.”

 – Aedan, Upper Elementary Student

Natalie Deciphers Parent Rosetta Stone (0:15)


As an educator for 25 years, the thing that fills me up and gives me energy is knowing that our efforts make life better for each and every child.  At the recent KMS Open House, a current Upper Elementary parent shared her child’s experience with this year’s KMS school-wide intention of researching:  “Natalie is talking non-stop about the Library of Alexandria,” Allison said. “She is so hungry for knowledge – it’s thrilling and exhausting.  I can’t even describe it.  She is so on fire.”

This “fire” is created by a partnership of student, school, and family.  Recently, parents made Rosetta Stones for Back-to-School Night and their children deciphered the messages.  Click on the audio clip above to listen to Natalie’s discovery.

Upper Elementary Students made Rosetta Stones for their parents to decipher, as well.   “Kids’ Rosetta Stones are special,” said Aedan.  “They are a piece of art.”

In the weeks leading up to KMS Conferences, Upper Elementary students will be going deeper with the Rosetta Stones hand-crafted by students and parents.  If you have not yet created one, please join in!

All are invited to come see the Rosetta Stones at KMS.

What worlds will YOU unlock? 


Jack on Duty

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 This is one of Jack’s favorite things to do lately; explore the wooden abacus.  He uses both hands and all his fingers to move the beads left and right, working hard on his fine motor and eye/hand coordination skills.