Exploring The Feel & Sound of Colors by Linnea Larsen

KMS 097

“Yellow feels like a morning star falling into a pool.”

~ Julia

“Green feels like everything is possible.”

~ Niko

KMS 4 059

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

~ Pablo Picasso

Does the color green make your body feel calm? How does the color yellow and purple make you feel?  If each color had a sound attached to it, and a movement, what would it be?  Since early on in the school year, the Strawberries have been exploring their feelings through art, music, dance, stories, games, discussions and, particularly, through the venue of color.  Each week a “mystery” color has been introduced, and while exploring the color with the medium of paint, the children have taken time to reflect on how the color feels and sounds in their own bodies.  


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