Strong like Pachacutec

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that the Pumpkins are very interested in Peru and the Incas. One of the things they’ve learned about is maca, which is a native Peruvian root plant. As the Pumpkins learned how the Incas ate maca to keep them strong and healthy, they have been “cooking” in dramatic play with maca and other Peruvian products.

We wanted to try maca for real, so Vidya (Vir’s mom) came in and helped the Pumpkins make delicious maca smoothies!


 Vigo and Vir said they were going to be strong like Pachacutec!

Danielle, Cortland and Zane said, “More please!”

Kyle and Colter said it tasted good because there were strawberries in it!

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