The man in the big red suit visits KMS….

Reactions ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous!

“I’ll tell you something, Santa is scary and he went on vacation. ”  -Daniel, Infant

“Santa gave me a small ball.  I sat down on his lap and I did a job and not cried.  I love him.”  -Daphne, Preschool

“I actually didn’t see Santa fly off, but I saw a little bit of his sleigh.”  -Jesse, Kindergarten

“Will I be naughty or nice?”  -Aidan, Elementary

“I like how when I got my picture he gave me a floppy hand.”  -Henry, Elementary

” I like it when Santa was here because I could have my picture.  He left his bag so I could get vampire teeth.” – Maya, Elementary

“I liked that he gave me the same thing as my brother.”  -River, Kindergarten

“I didn’t want to say anything about Santa because he already knows that I know.”  -Rio, Elementary

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