The New Rapport Card: Reflections on Conferences

The New Rapport Card by Lois Fein

When asked why we reflect, Maya (a first grader) said: “Because then we can learn more and have bigger ideas.”

At KMS we believe that the school’s quality is a result of a joint contribution between teachers, children and parents. That belief led us to ask the following question of the Elementary Parent community:  “What would be most meaningful for you to experience at KMS Conferences?”

Many of you shared that you would like to be invited to explore what life is like at KMS for your child from their unique perspective and through their voices.  Having what you shared in mind, we approached the children before the conferences and asked them to reflect upon their own learning.  Students and teachers came together as a community of learners and looked at photographs; reviewed the KMS blog; brainstormed where we’ve been; drew pictures, wrote, shared and thought deeply – in writing, conversation, and recorded interviews.

Documentation and reflection became the heart of our collective research and learning.  A process that in itself enabled us to fulfill one of KMS’ core values of seeing children as competent and equal partners in the teaching-learning endeavor.  It created an opportunity for the conferences to become a place for all of us to be Re-Searchers.

To continue this dialogue we would love to hear your reflections on this process. 

 Bulb Logan 11-21-14
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