What’s been happening in the Elementary program this fall?


“In the KMS Upper Elementary we have been doing things a little bit different this year. Let me tell you what we have been doing…”

Ten-year-old Asher Belsky wrote the following article about what we have been doing in the Elementary program this Fall.  He chose to write it during Writers’ Workshop, a time when Elementary students work on independent writing projects and support each other with the process of drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.


Upper Elementary Projects  By Asher Belsky, Age 10

In the KMS Upper Elementary we have been doing things a little bit different this year. Let me tell you what we have been doing. Kids have been writing, sharing their ideas, doing research projects, and playing games.

Elizabeth (Liz) has been doing a lot of writing with the kids this year. We have been doing Monkey Minds which are when we have objects or a prompt we have to write about. We have to write for two minutes. We have Free Writes which are writing what ever we want. Lars (Isaac) has been writing a story called Soccer Champ which is about a boy soccer star named Kevin whose soccer team wins the championship. Soren has been writing a story called Escape which is about hostiles. He hasn’t quite figured out the details yet. Lola has been writing about cats and dogs. Maya writes about cats and dogs too. Aedan (CoCo) is writing a story called The Boss which is about a boy baseball champion named Tony who wins the World Series.

I interviewed Elizabeth Milne-Kahn, the head of Jupiter homeroom and she said, “there is a very large interest in animals in Jupiter. They have a lot of questions about service dogs after Magnus the service dog’s visit. The kids have been learning how to present Public Speaking and feeling comfortable about it. Jupiter loves doing journal time and making their own books.”

In Saturn homeroom we have been listing to two books on tape: Scribes from Alexandria, and Stories from Around the World. We have been doing independent projects and playing a lot of games including Chess and Masterpiece. We have learned a lot about council and Alexandria. We have had a fun time deciphering the Rosetta Stones and finding out what they mean. Natalie, Madelyn, Ana Louisa and I made a model of the city of Alexandria; Pierce, Aedan and Lexington (Lex) made Alexandrian ships out of corks; Isaac researched the lighthouse of Alexandria.

Halloween was a delight with all the Elsa’s, Anna’s, Ninja’s, Jedi’s, etc. Pheona came too. We loved all of the costumes and fun. The kids threw a great Haunted House and Casper’s Scare School.

We have been having a fun time this year and let us hope for the best.

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