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Tunnel Time

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Open-ended materials allow and promote children to use their ideas, imaginations, and creativity.  Cormac was having a blast using his whole body exploring our new wooden tunnels and curvy boards. In this photo he’s experimenting with balance as he wobbles side to side. He has tried climbing up, sliding down, standing up to balance, walking, jumping, wobbling, crawling under and through, and anything else he can think of!

We Love the Love!

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IMG_6051“We love the families and the teachers. We really love the love! All of the good care and attention and fun and we love the house, the location, and all the activities that are possible for him.” – Kat, mother of Rylan age 2.0


To hear Rylan’s answers, listen to audio here (Rylan begins at 0:49):

Our favorite “toy.”

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The imagination is a beautiful thing! No matter what materials we get for our Pumpkins, the boxes they come in are the greatest hit.


“I Love All My Friends at KMS.”

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“I started here at KMS a long time ago. I like KMS drawing, and I like making things made of clay. I like both KMS and my house. I like the sand area because I love building sand castles. I love all my friends at KMS. I am starting to like being a Pumpberry. I like eating outside.” -Audrey, age 4

“I like KMS because of the teachers and the attuned attention for the children. That was obvious day one. I also like the education they share with my daughter and me. I’ve learned how to be a parent, and they have helped and supported that. They are an amazing resource for a family. Much love for KMS and its preschool teachers!” -Rachel, KMS Parent

All Aboard, Little Peaches!

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Some of our newest little Peaches, Cecily and Claudia, have teamed up with baby Samson (and teacher Asako) during their exploration of Peach Palace! These tiny ones are very curious, and experience touching and seeing all sorts of new and exciting objects.

Preschool Pop-Up

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A new “pop-up” opened in the Mission for one morning. All purchases were done using complicated calculations on a rainbow abacus!

Arlo: “You need money to buy stuff.” (points to seashells)

Sloane: “Our store sells everything, but it’s all invisible.”


The Wonder of Photography

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The Upper Elementary students have been continuing their self-portrait photography project.  Everyone is excited about creating their images, and their excitement is spreading.  The younger children are drawn to what the older children are working on, like moths to a flame.  A school environment that allows the children to mix and interact with each other creates opportunities like the ones shared below- opportunities in which children of all ages can learn from, and be inspired by, each other.


A large group of pumpkins gathered around during Chris’ photo shoot.  Who’s that “photo bombing” on the right?

Look! Birds!

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Kiran: “Mm! Ah! Wow!” (looking up and pointing to the sky)

Asako: “What did you find in the sky, Kiran?”

Kiran: “Bir(ds)! Bir(ds)! Wow! Bir(ds)!”

How many letters in your name?

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“I have four letters in my name!” -Kyle

Right now in Pumpkinland children are having fun with letters in many different ways. Teachers noticed children talking about the letters in their name and asking how to write them – so we created opportunities for these experiences in different corners of the classroom. It is less important to write every letter correctly, it is more important to the child to try again and again.

All About Skulls (Cráneos)

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Learning about skulls of California mammals and expanding the Spanish vocabulary was one of the fun hands-on experiences  for children offered in the afternoon. Students were able to create a map of their teeth, conduct experiments to figure out what teeth are for and also to examine some amazing animal skulls. Thanks to the great kits that the California Academy of Sciences offers, we were able to bring these materials to KMS for our study.