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99th Day of School!

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  • "I did sign language for a lot of the first ones."

Pierce made this great 99 collection for the 99th day of school. Stay tuned for more collections to be posted soon.

Let’s Plant a Garden!

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With all that falls from the trees lately, the children have been creating “gardens” in the sand. On different days, different things are planted. Sometimes they are “trees,” or sometimes they might be planting “cakes.”

With the pink blossoms, neatly arranged, Tali explains that “this is a cookie garden!”

Eleanor enjoys being a crow, and swiftly tries to “steal” some crops. The other children enjoy keeping guard of their prized garden!

To see how it all began and lots more photos, see the pdf here!

Opposites Attract

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Caleb tried to connect the two trains together front to front, but whenever the magnets approached they wouldn’t connect. He kept trying, but both the fronts and the backs of the trains kept pushing away. Eventually he turned one around and found that if they both face the same way they came together; his patience and persistence paid off!

A Special Tree

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Our garden is a rich multisensory environment. We noticed how the children approach the orange tree: spontaneously playing around, picking the falling leaves, counting the oranges, observing the transformation of the seasons, and of course (their favorite) tasting the oranges!
  • "Wow I think they are ready!" - Cameron "Oranges are my favorite." - Tali
We have also been reading The Giving Tree, and using paint to express our ideas about trees:
  • "Hey guys we need to look at the orange tree!" - Daphne

Flowers are Blooming

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During outside time a few of the older Peaches, Ishaan and Itamar, were being role models and helping soon-to-be-toddler Jack to explore the garden area.  They showed him how to sniff and touch the flowers gently.

“My Favorite Day”

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vday“I made a little sprinkly heart because I wanted to make something so when my mom comes she’ll see that we all made that picture for my mom and dad. On Valentine’s Day that’s my favorite day because I like hearts and I love Valentine’s Day.” – Eva, age 4

KMS Cafe on February 27th!

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“You’ll be enjoying the Cafe soon!” Aidan

3 scenes from a day in the life of KMS Elementary as we prepared for the KMS Cafe.

Peach meets Strawberries

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“Maybe [the toy phone] is too big and heavy for her because she’s a baby. Can I hold it and show it to her instead?” – Maggie (Kinder)

“I really like her because she is so cute. I want to help her, can I?” – Ruby (Kinder)


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“Arlo, do you want to get a haircut?” – Cyrus

“I need to cover my body with this first.” – Arlo

What happens when we put away the costumes in dramatic area, and replace them with fabrics of different textures and sizes? So many things! The fabrics were a great invitation to expand symbolic thinking. They used them for fishing rope, shaman houses, haunted houses, wedding dresses, “long hair,” and so much more!

“The Best Field Trip Ever!”

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Enjoy these photos from “the best field trip ever!” (to quote one of the kids.) Stay tuned for more from the Upper Elementary students about this wonderful trip.