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He Gets It! by Sonya Murret

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I came to the KMS Pi day celebration on Friday to take some photos and spend some extra time with my kiddos. I hadn’t yet seen or heard evidence than my 1st grader was grasping the concept of how to measure a circle – the first step in “getting” Pi, and made a mental note to focus on this at home in the upcoming weekend. After school we went to Paxti’s Pizza with friends for dinner. The kids were drawing as we waited for our pies, and my 1st grader was quietly busy with a Spirograph making geometric circle shapes with the parts of the circle labeled. He then said “Mom, look at my circles!”

by Sonya Murret, mother of Henry, 1st grader

A Day In The Life of KMS Elementary: 3.25.15

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  • Watering the Garden

A few of the Great Things happening in KMS Elementary on 3.25!



We Are Helpers!

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During indoor activity time, toddlers Cormac, Kiran and Navya, chose to stay with the infant group and teacher Asako.  With Asako singing “Open Shut Them”, the toddlers showed the little babies how they open, shut and clap their hands.


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“I Am Friends with the Earth”

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  • "The plants look bigger and I see dirt." - Ainsley

The Pumpkins love exploring our marvelous garden every single day! There’s not a day goes by when a group of kids don’t go and taste some parsley, mint, or oranges, while others are looking for treasure and spiders, watering the plants, or just playing and making their own experiences and memories. We have been researching together and having conversations about our relationships with the earth. As Penelope L. said, “I’m friends with the earth because the earth is when you have a garden and we can take care of it.”

Pie Day! 452.2 sq inches of Pie Consumed!

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  • The 4th & 5th graders preparing pie for Pi Day.

What better way to close the Pi Day celebration than with pie made by the elementary students in the YUM Chefs kitchen!

Total area of pie=9 x 8″pies=9(4.4)pi=452.2 sq in (as calculated by the 4th & 5th graders)

3.14 – .01 = Pi Day!

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  • "My dad helped my sister do all the numbers of pi on my tape measure. My mom did the sewing stuff all around the circle with pi on it." Sammy

Pi Day was delicious! We opened the festivities on the back deck and compared the diameter of our circle to its circumference (and got to within 2% of pi!)

No Writers’ Block Here!

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photo (2)

“I get ideas from my mistakes. I turn them into new ideas.” – Maya

Click here for more! How do you generate ideas for writing?



Pumpkin Thoughts: Dinosaurs

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 “I love these dinosaurs, but not real ones because I don’t want to be eaten.” -Macie

Cool Things In March

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  • "It was fun putting the plants in the ground." Natalie

Here are a few of the cool things we did in the first week of March:

–Planted the front garden

–Adrian created his own version of “Destination USA”

–The Rope Stretchers measured the circumference of the circular rug in preparation of Pi Day and wanted to see how big it was.

Stay tuned for quotes from the kids.

99 Museum and Beyond!

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  • "I looked online to help make this. Everybody liked it!" Rio

One of the ways we celebrate and learn about math in the Elementary Program is by inventing games and bringing collections based on how many days of school we’ve had.

Stay tuned for quotes from the kids.