Cool Camp: Day One

As a former camp counselor but a first-time Cool Camp teacher, I’m struck most immediately by the legacy being passed from experienced campers who have been here 4, 7, or even 9 times (!) to the brand new campers experiencing it for the first time. As we closed our opening meeting, Maya, a first-time camper, gave us a welcome speech perched upon a large rock:

IMG_4823“On my first day of Cool Camp I want to say I know that we’ll have fun even with the horse poop. Because that’s life. My hope for Cool Camp is for everyone to have fun.”


As we wrapped up at the end of the day, some of the more experienced campers shared wishes and guidance for the newer ones. Nina shared this wisdom, “Sometimes when you’re trekking along the river and you notice small things, you’re noticing the things that pop out but aren’t actually important. If you just stop, and look around, you’ll see those small things and then you’ll start to notice bigger things that are more hidden, and more interesting.”

I can’t wait to notice these hidden interesting things with Cool Campers new and old. Long Live Cool Camp!




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