Cool Camp: Day Two

The Reggio ideal of documentation involves observing, deep noticing, and active listening during our experiences, followed by reflection afterwards. With this mindset I came to Cool Camp armed with a camera, a pencil, and wide open eyes and ears. It has been incredible to capture moments of discovery, and use the documentation to discuss with the children afterwards. This real-world learning is so beautiful, and the conversations will be continued even after we return to KMS. What follows are three short interviews from both brand new and experienced Cool Campers.

Maddie, Age 8 (first time camper)

“I was excited because everyone said there was going to be no water but then there was water. I learned that when you get a leaf and put it in water and put it on something, you can see through it. I thought it was cool that we got to see animals like frogs, turtles, and horses. I also thought it was cool that during the night I heard coyotes and a horse coming through near where we were sleeping.”


“This is me at the river, jumping from rock to rock, playing with Maya and Lola.”

 Lola, Age 7 (third time camper)

“When I first came here this porch had stairs that I remember because I came when I was a baby for my vacation. There was a lot of water so I played with my dad in the water. Now when I came it’s all dry, we went to the waterfall and we played in this little pond.”


 “I was having fun and being sweaty, playing around.”

Aedan, Age 8 (fifth time camper)

I love jumping from rock to rock, and discovering new things. Today I found out that you can make chalk from a certain type of rock. Cool camp is awesome!


“I was seeing through a leaf that was pretty awesome. It was clear, and I’ve never seen a leaf like that.”


I’m excited to share more of the voices and stories from this rich experience with the whole KMS community!



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