Cool Camp: Fifth Grader Edition

Today was another amazing Cool Camp day. At this point in the trip you notice the team really coming together and sharing their “Cool Camp Spirit.” We’re also nearing the end, and for our fifth graders that comes with some sadness and nostalgia. Some of them have been here nine or ten times, growing from being the youngest to the oldest, mirroring their time in the mixed-age Elementary program.

The fifth graders offered to cook dinner for everyone on their last night.

It’s so special to see the bonds shared within the group, both between ages and especially amongst the oldest kids who have known each other for years. Compared to summer camps where kids only come together for a week or two at a time, the bonds that are forged in the wilderness and are able to be carried back to civilization are deep and visible. We closed the night with a campfire, and the fifth graders had some time to themselves at the end of the night to reflect on their experiences here.


Soren, Logan, Nina, and Isaac – KMS Graduating Fifth Graders at Cool Camp

As Soren said, “A message I’d send to future campers is that Cool Camp is awesome. Make sure to enjoy it while you’re here because it won’t last for long.”

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