Cool Camp Wrap-up

Last night we wrapped up Cool Camp with a campfire and some much-anticipated s’mores. We all shared compliments with each other, and our youngest first-time camper Henry (Age 6) had some beautiful things to say. As he told me this morning, “At the last campfire when we do compliments, I complimented everybody for being so nice and kind at cool camp. Everyone was just being so good, and it looked like really fun stuff was going on, and everyone looked really happy, especially at night because everyone likes sleeping.”

To encourage reflection and sharing the Cool Camp experience, the students each wrote a letter to someone about their experiences at Camp. As one child put it, “We’ll share what is in our heart about Cool Camp.” Some chose to write to their parents, some to their siblings, and some to “a future Cool Camper.” A lot of thought and work went into these letters. Maddie found some time before breakfast away from the group to work on her letter:


Maya’s (age 6) letter to her mom is below. To see a few more examples click here. 


When we got back to KMS this afternoon the Campers were excited to share their letters with their friends and families, and were effusive in talking about their experiences at Camp. They’re already thinking ahead to returning next time! As I said at our campfire last night, I feel so lucky to have found a school that values these kinds of irreplaceable outdoors experiences. Long Live Cool Camp!


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