Exploring our Relationships with Animals



nina and puppy

Exploring our Relationships with Animals

by Ava Acutt, age 10

        We went to the SPCA and learned how you should treat animals.  First we talked about what animals need, like toys for dogs, blankets because they get cold, structures for cats, food and water, and care.  Then we toured the entire adoption center.  We saw the cats and the dogs.  My favorite cat was Sprinkles.  He had all kinds of cool colors in his eyes, and one was a different color than the other.  Next, they told us about their veterinary hospital.  They have a spay and neuter clinic, and operating rooms.  We didn’t get to go into the veterinary hospital because that would be too many people in a place where they need to get animals through right away.  Overall, it was fun.  It was exactly how I wanted the field trip to go.  I had been planning this trip for a very long time and it paid off.  


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