Katherine Michiels Visits the Garden

IMG_6398On Monday we had a visit from a very special guest, Katherine Michiels.  Knowing we’ve been working a lot in the garden, nurturing and reviving the plants, Katherine wanted to share a poem she wrote from the perspective of the KMS garden.  When Katherine asked the children what plants need to live, they were quick to answer: “air”, “breath”, “dirt”, “sunlight”, “water”, and “love!”  Please enjoy reading Katherine’s poem from the perspective of the garden:

I am the voice of the KMS Garden.


Please come in and remember what I love:

Water when I am thirsty

Gentle touching

Smell me

Soft voices


Plays, drama and comedy

Have a seat and enjoy my butterflies, flowers and pretty views

No stepping on me as I am trying to grow

Please no running around – it shakes my roots and I shrink

Prune me when I need it – I like hair cuts

Enjoy my fruit when I am colored ripe

Be sure to eat all of me – even my green strawberry hats

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