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Dia de Los Muertos Exhibit at SOMArts Cultural Center

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IMG_1875Students from KMS visited SOMArts Cultural Center to view Shadow of Tomorrow: Día de los Muertos 2015 in dedication to Eduardo Galeano and Alfonso Texidor. Rio Hunt, an elementary student at KMS, created his very own altar for the exhibition.


Watch Rio’s presentation below (apologies that it is upside down!):



The Potential in a Container

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The Potential in a Container

Peach Palace

by Alden Fletcher, Atelierista


Please click here for documentation on a beautiful exploration by our Infants and Toddlers. 

Abecedario en Español

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A for Angel!
B for Bruja!
C for Candelera!

Throughout the year we have been working on our letters and practicing writing in English and in Spanish.  Kim and Maria Luna are collaborating in the mornings to incorporate Español into the daily routine. While looking at one of our favorite Dia de los Muertos libros (books) titled Calavera Abededario by Janet Winter, we decided to draw our own interpretations of the images in the book.  We began our journal time with A for angel followed by B for bruja (witch) and then C for candelera (candle maker/person who lights the candles).  Each child did a beautiful interpretation of the images we have been looking at throughout our celebration of Dia de los Muertos and Spanish culture.  They are all working on making straight lines with their letters, as well as uniform letter size.  They enjoyed making their drawings of calaveras (skulls), brujas (witches) and angeles (angels) with block teeth and large heads!

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“How does the orange turn from green to orange?”

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Alicia, Miriam, Colby, and Scout are using all five senses to explore green, growing things in our KMS garden. 

Click HERE for more information about our investigations in the KMS garden.

Spontaneous Ephemeral Works

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Spontaneous Ephemeral Works

In the Atelier


The children are constantly creating works of a transient nature: building with blocks that fall down; drawing with chalk that is wiped clean; creating sand sculptures that wash away with rain.  These changes do not hinder children, for they find joy in the process and the exploration, not the product.  I learn so much from watching children.  They are resilient, unpredictable and flexible researchers. For documentation of Vigo and Eleanor’s spontaneous creation, click here. 

KMS and Watershed High School Students Explore Clarion Alley

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Students from the Watershed School in Boulder, Colorado accompanied KMS students to explore Clarion Alley. These high school students were visiting San Francisco as part of their research into Western and Asian Medicine. They took time to connect to our students and form friendships, and enjoyed seeing the Mission District with such experienced guides!