Abecedario en Español

A for Angel!
B for Bruja!
C for Candelera!

Throughout the year we have been working on our letters and practicing writing in English and in Spanish.  Kim and Maria Luna are collaborating in the mornings to incorporate Español into the daily routine. While looking at one of our favorite Dia de los Muertos libros (books) titled Calavera Abededario by Janet Winter, we decided to draw our own interpretations of the images in the book.  We began our journal time with A for angel followed by B for bruja (witch) and then C for candelera (candle maker/person who lights the candles).  Each child did a beautiful interpretation of the images we have been looking at throughout our celebration of Dia de los Muertos and Spanish culture.  They are all working on making straight lines with their letters, as well as uniform letter size.  They enjoyed making their drawings of calaveras (skulls), brujas (witches) and angeles (angels) with block teeth and large heads!

IMG_0446                      IMG_0444

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