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Happy Holidays from KMS!

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Wishing you a fun-filled Winter Break and a Happy New Year! See you in 2016!

How To Make A Compost Cake

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Ingredients for Compost Cake:

Sloane (Age 4) – “Banana peels, food…”

Bodhi (Age 4) – “Newspaper, coffee grounds…”


“I put my hand in there and it feels warm. Because it’s a cycle, it goes around and around (motioning big circles with her arms) alive, dead, alive, dead, alive, dead and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and then it becomes a tree!”

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Exploring Light and Dark

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The children were excited by the introduction of new colored puzzles in Pumpkin Land.  Each wooden puzzle consists of one hue with varying tones of light and dark.  We noticed the children began talking about light and dark colors. 

“Dark means you can’t see anything, like black.” -Peter

“Day is light and night is dark.” -Daphne

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Exploring Victorian Houses

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Haas-Lilienthal House

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The KMS upper elementary students visited the Haas-Lilienthal house as part of our ongoing investigation of San Francisco and it’s history. One of our fifth graders, Natalie, researched and planned the trip as part of her ongoing research into Victorian architecture.


KMS students toured the house and learned many interesting facts. Did you know the tower at the top of the house was called the Witches Cap and the children of the household were not allowed to eat with the family until they were 7 years old?