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Urban Planning: Real World Math

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Students in Upper Elementary (K-5) have been learning Math through Urban Planning. As students researched what makes a good city, they  decided that walkability, air quality, and parks are important for urban planners to consider.



Students are also creating their own cities using various media. Some students incorporated measurement and multiplication to build city structures out of clay.



Other students calculated area and perimeter of city sketches and figured out the volume.


Cloths Exploration

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After Claudia and Tyler individually explored the transparent canopy by using all their senses, they both figured out that they can see their friend through the curtain.  They played peek-a-boo with each other and their joyful  laughter invited other Peaches to join as well. To see more from the infants and toddlers’ explorations with cloth, click here! 

“Light is Bright Air”

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“Light is Bright Air”

-Penelope, age 5


The exploration of light is deep and complex.  In essence, light creates and sustains life.  It is no wonder that the children throughout the school are drawn to research light.  In the Pre-K class (4-5 year-olds), I asked the children to think about and draw their ideas about “What is light?”  Their answers are complex and creative, showing the children’s natural inclination to research, theorize and express their ideas through graphic language: please click here to explore light further through the eye of the Pre-K students.

Researching Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Maddie and Pierce (fourth grade) taking notes on their research questions.

Leading up to Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, students from Kindergarten through fifth grade researched MLK’s accomplishments and their impact on our society. The students were presented with questions and literature about Martin Luther King Jr. and were invited to answer the questions through their research. Everyone, from kindergarten through fifth grade, completed the assignment with quality in mind. Upper Elementary students Pierce, Steve and Caroline were the first to finish. Before moving onto another activity, all three students helped the kindergartners with their research about Martin Luther King. Caroline helped Zohe to look up MLK’s birthday in a book, and then to write it on paper. This type of self and peer-directed learning empowers the students to find all the information they want to know, without relying on adults to find it for them.

Movie-Making Magic

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Cortland: ” Look my shadow is different today because I have a reindeer shadow!”

Continuing on with the exploration into the parallax notions of light and dark, the Pumpkins used a morning session to produce and star in their own “movie” using their own shadows and the brilliant beam of the projector. Loty accompanied them in process and shares how the magic came about (click here!)

My Dream is…

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“I have a dream like Martin Luther King that people in buses no matter what color skin they have can sit down. I went on a bus today and I got to sit down.” (Eva, age 5).


Click here to see more of the hopes and dreams of the KMS Pre-K Students! 

The Wonder of Light and Shadow

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The Wonder of Light and Shadow

by Alden Fletcher, Atelierista


The wonder of light and shadow is all around us.  Children encounter the beauty and perplexity of light daily and begin to form knowledge through their interactions.  One morning, the sun was streaming into the main room of the Peaches.  Cormac was bathed in sunlight, and stopped to observe the light hitting his hand.  This moment, along with many others, lead the Peach teachers to set up provocations with light.  Please enjoy some stories of our encounters with light by clicking here.