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Helping Friends

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One of KMS’ core values is that the child is competent.  In Peach Palace (infant/toddler program), children do not only play together and wait for a turn, but they also help friends and teachers.

Giuliana rode on a tricycle but pedaling was still a challenge for her.  Parker-Simone was observing her friend trying to move the tricycle.  A teacher asked “Parker-Simone, do you want to help Giuliana by pushing the tricycle?”  The picture above was her answer!

For more beautiful examples of Peaches helping Peaches, click here (PDF). 

Learning Through Imitation

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Imitation is one of humankind’s most powerful forms of learning.  From infancy, the ability to learn behavior from observing others is clear; the infant mimics the face of their parents in the first months of life.  Imitation is so powerful because it is a reciprocal form of learning.  By observing and mimicking the behaviors of another person, we form a deeper understanding of the other as well as ourselves.

In the KMS Preschool Atelier, I noticed Cormac (age two) imitating the actions of Beatrix (age four).  The older child was using the paint very specifically, painting small details as she reached up high.  In these photographs, you notice Cormac mimicked her behavior, and in so doing, he created a dialogue with Beatrix at the painting wall.    

Pattern Block Creations in Preschool

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Scout: “I don’t know what it is, but I love it!”

Please click here for documentation of the process behind these creations.

100th Day of School Night!

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Last night the students of the Elementary Program and their families gathered together at KMS to celebrate the 100th Day of School Night! Every year we use the 100th Day of School to celebrate numbers and games, and this year the students invited their parents to share home-made games and presentations on the concept of time.


Reading Leads to Joy

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Allen’s collection for the 96th day of school was a big hit among the elementary students. Here, Ruby (Kinder) is shown sitting on the ledge of the landing, perusing Allen’s published book, 96 Ways to Be Happy. Allen’s collection was intentionally meant to be a book so that students could practice reading text at their leisure. Moments before this photograph was taken, Ruby asked Zara (Second Grade) to help her read a few lines.  In this photo, Ruby is studying the text with Zara’s guidance.


Tilly the Tortoise

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Click Here for the Full Story of Tilly the Tortoise!! 

Fostering a Love for Reading

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Cooper (K) and Eilish (First Grade) engage in discussion of a book about real scientific inventions. The ability to read takes on many different facets, all of which embrace the child’s love for reading. Cooper and Eilish spent over 30 minutes enthusiastically discussing the book’s content, asking thoughtful questions, and making meaningful inferences.  Collaboration surrounding a book is an art with which every KMS kid shines brilliantly as presented here in this photo.