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Exploring the Neighborhood: Pre-K Weekly Field Trips

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At least once a week the Pre-K and visiting Pumpberries go out to experience the world around them. In small and larger groups they go places such as the library to find books on related topics they are discussing in class, to the park to play and enjoy a walk together, or to look for signs of the seasons changing on nature walks. We look forward to some new and exciting trips this spring!

Please click here for many photos and stories from the field trips! (PDF, 6 Pages)

Compositions in the Garden: From Ephemeral to Enduring Designs

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As a KMS value, environmental awareness means building an understanding and compassion for the world around us.  Working in a natural setting, like the garden, nurtures the child’s empathy and builds a deep understanding of their role as a caring member of the world.  

Since the start of the year, the Elementary children have been immersed in cultivating the KMS garden.  A proposal was made that we should decorate the grey tiles that surround the garden floor… Continue reading to find out more about the completion of the Garden Stone project! (PDF, 3 Pages)

Peach Spanish Program

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The Peaches (Infants and Toddlers) have been enjoying their mornings with Maria Luna.  The older children greet her with “Hola!” while the younger ones wave excitedly.  They know soon they will be immersed in a colorful, rich and vibrant world of Latin America.  As soon as Maria Luna brings out a book or starts the radio the children will sit or stand eagerly waiting for what’s next. For more detailed information on the Peach Spanish Program, click here! 

KMS Declares World Peace!

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Katherine Michiels School, in collaboration with AltSchool, participated in the  Political Science simulation called The World Peace Game.   World Peace was achieved!  Stay tuned for further details.

Winter Citrus Project

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Exploring citrus through the five senses, painting, and
Spanish song. A collaboration by Kim, Maria Luna, and the KMS Pre-K

Click here for the full documentation (PDF, 5 Pages).