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Alemany Farm Field Trip

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Alemany Farm field trip

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“You Can be Free. You Can be Wild.” Cool Camp Trip, April 2016

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“You Can be Free.  You Can be Wild.”

Cool Camp Trip, April 2016


“Cool Camp is fun, it’s awesome, you get to jump off a giant rock, you get to make dinner, you get to zoom around, you don’t have to listen to orders.  You can be free.  You can be wild.  You can sleep outside.  You can climb giant rocks.  It’s really fun!” -Eilish 

Please click here for a three page PDF with more quotes and photos from this special trip.

Toddler Explorations Outside

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Our priority is to let children follow their curiosities, and discover the world around them. With El Nino this season, this has meant lots of stomping in puddles and experimenting with wet and dry sand. Click here to see more of the Infant/Toddler explorations with natural materials (PDF, 2 Pages).

Playing in the Ocean: An Invitation in the Atelier

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“I’m making the ocean.” -Cortland

The preschool students are drawn to the study of water.  In the science area, teachers have noticed their interest in the movement of water,  floatation vs. sinking, how something changes when wet, and what lives in the ocean.  In the block area children have built boats out of the wooden blocks, exclaiming we’re going “to the bay!”  Noticing this excitement, the teachers decided to set up a provocation in the Atelier.  We arranged natural materials on the ground and projected an underwater video on the wall above, evoking the idea of being in the ocean. Read more about their explorations here (PDF, 2 Pages).