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Bee Blog, Un Blog Sobre Las Abejas

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The study of bees in Pre-K this spring is an example of a KMS project that uses real-world learning and the interests of children to really engage with a topic and our environment. Please click here to read an in-depth look at this project (PDF, 6 Pages). 

Let’s Make an Ocean in the Sand!

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What happens when you follow the suggestions of Preschoolers? You wind up building an ocean in the Sand Area! Click here for a PDF (2 Pages) documenting this wonderful experience! 

KMS Declares World Peace!

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KMS 5th Grader Steve participating in the World Peace Game

Click here to read more about this amazing simulation! (PDF, 3 Pages)

Putting music to the Spirit of Cool Camp

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Photo Credit to Cisco Wallace

Cisco (third grade) snapped this photo of Niko, Caroline, and myself during the week of Cool Camp as we collaborated to uphold a long-held KMS tradition of writing songs about Cool Camp. After bidding the Cool Campers farewell, I declared to the rest of the children, “As of this moment, KMS is Cool School for the rest of the week.”

I invited anyone who wanted to join me in writing a Cool Camp / Cool School song and Caroline and Niko signed up. From 9:00am to noon, it was as if Caroline (first grade), Niko (kinder), and I were in a rockstar band recording tunes inside of Studio KMS. With a single guitar, two kid song-writers, and a fabulous photographer, we began assembling the musical pieces to a ballad that would eventually find its way to the top of the Cool-Camp/Cool-School song charts. Indeed, we can all happily say that “Cool Camp, Cool School, We Love You” – will go down in history as one of the greatest Cool Camp/Cool School Songs ever written.

As I reflect on the experience of writing this song, I recall the determination and joyful willingness to persevere. I would often ask the girls if they wanted to take a break, do something else, and come back with a fresh head. The answer was always “no.”   “We don’t need a break, let’s just get through it and finish this song!” Caroline would say, along with Niko’s agreement. This shared commitment to never give up, to work together and to push on through until the end is indicative of the kind of attitude the students of KMS cultivate every day.

Long Live the Spirit of Cool Camp and Cool School!

Cool Camp, Cool School, We Love You

by Niko, Caroline, and Allen

Cool Camp, Cool Camp, we love you

We’re having fun how bout you?

We hope you get to swim

Enjoy the sun, and hiking

We hope you like roasting marshmallows too

We’re all friends at Cool School

But we’re also friends at Cool Camp

Wherever you are, we always love you

Cool School, Cool School, we love you

We hope you learn ‘cause we’re learning too

Everybody has freedom

Bring back something for the museum

And remember to leave the campsite clean

We’re all friends at Cool School

But we’re also friends at Cool Camp

Wherever you are, we always love you

The day you left

We missed you so much

But we still got through the day

Our field trip was fun

But something went wrong

The bee dude decided not to come

We’re all friends at Cool School

But we’re also friends at Cool Camp

Wherever you are, we always love you