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Peaches in Dirt Mountain

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The bumpy ground of KMS’s Dirt Mountain is a great challenge for our toddlers’ gross motor skills.  They use all their bodies to balance, climb up, and slide down!

Finding Inspiration: Drawings Inspired by Nature and Family

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Finding Inspiration:

Drawings Inspired by Nature and Family

by Alden Fletcher, Atelierista


“It’s an abstract drawing of a leaf and fennel.” -Mahiti

Autumn is always an inspiring time to observe leaves, even in our city’s mild climate; vibrant colors ranging from green, to yellow, to red, litter the ground and the trees overhead.  Leaves not only offer an invitation to observe the mysterious metamorphosis of color, but they expose children to the multitude of shapes and sizes that grow on earth.    IMG_0734

Please click here for a PDF with more documentation on this process.

KMS Celebrates 14,611 days!

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We celebrated KMS’s 40th anniversary with a special ceremony in our beautiful backyard garden where the elementary students shared messages of care to the garden and “her sister Mother Nature.”

A few of the messages:

“Garden, garden, I love you most. Your oranges are as sweet as candy and sugar.”
“Garden, garden, I hope you grow and thank you so much for letting us know.”

Pre-K Performed a special rendition of “Mariposa” and “Dirt Made My Lunch:

The garden was honored with poems, decorations, and beautiful messages. Come see the new printmaking installation in the garden!


A Most Agreeable Teaching Tool

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The upper elementary kiddos enjoy their beloved books while basking on and around this mountainous cushion of joy. While charming all bookworms who use it, this gentle giant of a bean bag serves as an artful teaching tool: inviting, inciting, and inspiring every elementary child toward a boundless love of reading.