The Beauty of Partner Reading

At every moment of the school day, one will observe that every child embodies the KMS values – The child being a competent citizen of the world; the child showing awareness of the environment; the child displaying sincere care for his/her relationships; and the child learning through hands-on exploration.

One of many ways that we incorporate academics into these values is through partner reading and story-telling. The Upper Elementary students have taken leadership in reading their “Just Right” books to the Kindergarteners. Not only does this relationship-building process foster confidence in the older students, it also reinforces the reading skills they are practicing as they aspire toward fluency. By the same token, the Kindergarteners get to build important reading skills through active listening, asking questions, and making inferences.


Tallulah reads to Hazel and Presley.


Niko proudly displays her competency as she reads to Lorenzo.


Abril explores one of Esther’s Just Right books from her book bin while Adelia listens to Esther read.


Ruby and Eva share the bean bag while Ruby reads aloud from her book.


Billie shares one of her favorite non-fiction books with Cyrus.

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