Why do you love San Francisco?


A beautiful discussion about our beloved city in the Pumpkins (Preschool):

Rylan: Why do you have the San Francisco map?

Torben: Why? Oh, well, because I love San Francisco so much.

Rylan: I love San Francisco too. Why do you love San Francisco?

Torben: Because we moved here with my parents.

Rylan: I live here in San Francisco. You know that KMS is also in San Francisco.

Torben: I don’t know. I need to ask my parents.

Torben: You know that I am going to special trip with my family very, very soon.

Rylan: Are you going to miss San Francisco?

Torben: YES!!!! That’s why I will be back very soon.

Rylan: I will miss you! How about let’s study, read and draw San Francisco before you go on vacation.

Torben: Okay… okay.. okay..


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