The Language of Mathematics (and a heavy dose of teamwork)

We spent the morning playing a fun math dice game called “Stuck in the Mud.” When the game was over, we recorded 15 double-digit scores – one for each student who played.

“Let’s put them all together,” Ruby (7 y/o) suggested. Then she added, “Who wants to work with me?”

Niko (7 y/o) and Abril (6 y/o) volunteered. I handed Ruby the clipboard of fifteen Stuck-In-The-Mud scores, all of which were in the double digit range. The three girls ran to the white board, picked up dry-erase markers, and began putting their heads together to add up all the scores. Applying skills learned from everyday math class, along with a heavy dose of perseverance, teamwork, and critical thinking, they worked out the final sum within an hour: 871!

Reflecting on this experience as an educator, I am not only proud of the hard work Ruby, Niko and Abril applied. I am inspired by the beauty in the way they embodied the KMS values through this experience.


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