Alumni Visit to KMS


We had some special Alumni Guests today in the Elementary Program! 90s KMS Kids Hannah and Rachel joined us for Emelia’s awesome collection (pictured, bottom left) and a special circle where we talked about KMS then and now. A snippet of the conversation is below, it was followed by singing all the Cool Camp songs!
What kind of projects are you doing now?
Hannah: I was working on smart water research for houses that can help them save water, so water doesn’t go to waste. A lot of companies are now creating technology to do that. I’m sure you guys know a lot about water and the environment…
Randall: They love meteorology!
Kids: *cheers, mixed with groans*
River: We learned too much about meteorology!
Kids: What was your favorite project while you were at KMS?
Hannah and Rachel: We were here for Preschool. I remember dressing up and dancing ballet and music and storytime and a lot of art.
Leo: Did you do a Spring Show?
H+R: We did a ballet performance. We went on trips to angel island for our picnic every year. We’re still friends after meeting at KMS!
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