Reading Buddies

Quotes from the Upper Elementary Students on Reading with the Pre-K: 

I like how Sophia and Emilia wanted me to read to them because it makes me feel special. I like how more and more kids started coming and listening to me. (Leo)

I like it that Otis and Itamar want me to read chapter books to them because I like to read chapter books myself. (Noah)

I like how more and more pre-K kids kept on joining my group and I got to have a big audience. (Zara)

Colby and Aspen were really involved with me the whole time. After the first time reading together, whenever I walk by them they say hi to me. I like that they are not shy: if they want to say something, they say it. Like, they ask me, “Can I go to the bathroom? Can we get water?” (Caroline)

At first only Oliver was listening and he chose the books. And Archer didn’t like the books by the cover, so he just walked away and wandered around the room. But later he joined in and started listening because I seemed to be reading the books that were interesting to him, like “Jupiter” which was about the planet Jupiter. (Billie)

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