ArtFest 2016




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Atelierista Alden Fletcher and Upper Elementary Teacher Peyton Pickenpaugh worked with a group of students on The Happiness Project, a series of short videos depicting everyday life at KMS. The project was inspired by a quote from a Grade 1 student, Eilish. She stated, “…I went to KMS for summer camp and then I went to school…It reminded me of France, you know when I was in France, France was my happy place.”  Students participated in multiple conversations about what a happy place was to them. They created a list of essential components that were critical to happiness: focus, excitement, place and friendships. They then used these descriptors to document examples of happiness at KMS through photography and film.

The Happiness Project:


An exploration of what it means to be a child
in the world through art from different artists
around the world.
A project by the KMS Children,
Maria Luna, & Kim Narol

Lyrics from “We’ll Miss You, KMS” by Steve Favela and Pierce Zeviar:

For when I came into this school.
I felt an experience that was pretty cool.
I made friends when I came in right away.
But sometimes I also run late.

It’s been really fun,
I’ve experienced a passion,
I wish that I could stay here, but I’m in my 5th year.
And I have to move on.

I will miss my friends I will never forget this school I don’t regret.
The movement room is amazing I always play there.
When we’re not allowed I think is unfair.
Sometimes we play really rough, we don’t realize how tough we really are.
KMS we will not be far.

CHORUS: I’ll miss you KMS you are a school that nobody regrets.
We’ll always love you KMS you are a great school that I have met

When I knew all the names of the kids.
I felt like I fit in.
I can’t believe KMS turned 40.
I want to see it when KMS turns 50.
When I went to cool camp.
I felt like a really big champ.
When we went hiking on the rocks.
I felt like nobody could make me stop.

CHORUS: I’ll miss you KMS you are a school that nobody regrets.
We’ll always love you KMS you are a great school that I have met (2X)

Upper Elementary Teacher Allen Kushinsky regarding his journey with KMS 3rd grader Francisco (Cisco) Wallace-Hurtado in the composing and presentation of his poem entitled, “What it means to be a KMS Kid”: “I endeavored to connect deeply with Cisco to bring out his extraordinary talent in thought and expression and in everything else. I saw potential in him from the beginning, a kind of potential that was special – and our journey together to forge a meaningful friendship transpired to his writing the poem. And all the stuff you saw from the girls who acted out his words – that was all their ideas! We all had lots of dialogue about what to do for the show, but you can be sure that every little bit of that 2 minute performance was designed by the kids. I just got to be the director!  I’m really really happy about this year and all the kids.”

Poem “What It Means to be a KMS Kid” by Cisco Wallace-Hurtado

KMS culture really allows the kid to look into their own brain and think “Who am I really?” Then thinks about it, then from then on they really know how to shape their life in a way that they like.

My Two words to explain KMS community
Complex & Beautiful
To learn through a kind of essence that every kid holds
An essence that will brighten the soul
What a kid can do with that essence
Is extraordinary
Thou asks what the essence is?
It brings smiles to your face
It makes life seem happy
And how is it related to a KMS kid?
Somewhere else You might only have fun at recess
Fun would be limited Which means limited happiness
Limited smiles
But a KMS kid has the essence throughout the school day
Thou it means to be a kms kid
That you are happy
You are creative
And my final word to describe it