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Class of 2015

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“I love all the freedom they give you here at KMS.  They let you choose how and what you want to learn.  KMS has given me a new attitude towards school!” – Isaac

“I am going to miss KMS and the students a lot.  I am going to never forget KMS!” – Ben

“This school has shown me empathy and to truly listen to others. ” – Nina

“Over the years I have gone to this school, I have learned more and more about creativity and I have opened up my mind to the world.” – Soren

“I was encouraged to explore my interests as a way to learn.” – Logan


Congratulations to our 5th grade graduates!

Isaac, Ben, Nina, Soren and Logan

Alumni Focus: Jesse Marshall (KMS Class of ’97)

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“Ever since I left KMS I’ve been trying to recreate that feeling of being part of a community. This is my attempt to do for other people what KMS does for you…to create a world where people can explore, learn new skills and make the world a better place.”

–Jesse Marshall (KMS Class of ’97)

Click here to read more from the KMS 5th graders  interviewing Jesse Marshall about his economic revitalization project Margination