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100th Day of School Night!

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Last night the students of the Elementary Program and their families gathered together at KMS to celebrate the 100th Day of School Night! Every year we use the 100th Day of School to celebrate numbers and games, and this year the students invited their parents to share home-made games and presentations on the concept of time.


Class of 2015

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“I love all the freedom they give you here at KMS.  They let you choose how and what you want to learn.  KMS has given me a new attitude towards school!” – Isaac

“I am going to miss KMS and the students a lot.  I am going to never forget KMS!” – Ben

“This school has shown me empathy and to truly listen to others. ” – Nina

“Over the years I have gone to this school, I have learned more and more about creativity and I have opened up my mind to the world.” – Soren

“I was encouraged to explore my interests as a way to learn.” – Logan


Congratulations to our 5th grade graduates!

Isaac, Ben, Nina, Soren and Logan

Art Fest 2015

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Highlights from the Art Fest and 5th Grade Graduation

 “Color Relationships” Clay Animation Movie Clip
Created by: KMS Elementary Program Students.

Please click here, or click the photo below to see our full video!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.55.53 PM

 “Color Relationships” Clay Animation Movie Clip
Created by: KMS Elementary Program Students.

Where is the Love?
Created and performed by: KMS Elementary Program Students.

Please click here, or click the photo below to see our full video!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.56.03 PM

To view the lyrics, click here

To see read more about the Art Fest & 5th Grade Graduation, click here

Happy Earth Day!

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Here at KMS we treat every day like it’s Earth Day by caring for our environment, eating healthy organic foods, and taking care of our beautiful garden. Last weekend we had a very fun and productive Garden Day where families from Peaches to Upper Elementary came together and worked in our outdoor areas to clobber clutter, fight weeds, build new planter boxes, and resurface Dirt Mountain. Uma, a second year Kindergartener, had the vision of creating some kind of garden art to go in our newly landscaped front garden. Her idea began with the idea of building a cob house, this changed to many other ideas, and it finally materialized into a mosaic tortoise sculpture!


First Grader Lola helps layer cement on our mosaic tortoise sculpture, with help from a KMS Parent.

Click here to see more photos from Garden Day! 

The man in the big red suit visits KMS….

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Reactions ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous!

“I’ll tell you something, Santa is scary and he went on vacation. ”  -Daniel, Infant

“Santa gave me a small ball.  I sat down on his lap and I did a job and not cried.  I love him.”  -Daphne, Preschool

“I actually didn’t see Santa fly off, but I saw a little bit of his sleigh.”  -Jesse, Kindergarten

“Will I be naughty or nice?”  -Aidan, Elementary

“I like how when I got my picture he gave me a floppy hand.”  -Henry, Elementary

” I like it when Santa was here because I could have my picture.  He left his bag so I could get vampire teeth.” – Maya, Elementary

“I liked that he gave me the same thing as my brother.”  -River, Kindergarten

“I didn’t want to say anything about Santa because he already knows that I know.”  -Rio, Elementary

Dia de Los Muertos a KMS

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“I like Day of the Dead because I can see the altars.  An altar is a place the spirits come to visit.” – Uma (K)

“It’s important to celebrate Day of the Dead because you can remember the people that die.” – Henry (1st grader)

“I have a picture of my grandma at the Altar.” – Emily (PreK)


A highlight in November has been the installation of the Día de los Muertos altar in which the children collaborated by bringing personal drawings and photos of their departed family members and pets. Together we made the traditional marigold flowers that decorate the altar and contributed to the beautiful design.

Apple Tasting

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We love when parents come to visit! Parents are always welcome in Pumpkin Land, whether it be reading stories or sharing about something they are passionate about. Penelope’s mother, Joyce, came by one morning to share four different kinds of apples with us. Do you know your apples?

We tried:
Honey Crisp from Oregon
Wickson from California
Rome Beauty from Sonoma
Granny Smiths from Australia!

Penelope and Alex made sure everyone got a taste of the different apples.

Here is what some of the Pumpkins had to say:
Tali: The Red apple, Rome Beauty, tastes like vanilla ice cream.
Alex: I speak Quechua. I would like to know how we say apple in Quechua.

For more from the pumpkins, click here!

Honesty Shop Grand Opening!

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The Elementary program officially opened the Honesty Shop last week with a Grand Opening.  The Grand Opening was organized by the oldest students and included a ribbon cutting, homemade muffins, a visit to the bank and a walk-through of the shop.


The first purchases were made my Aedan and Pierce.


“I bought the mushroom house because one, I like it, and two, my brother made it.” –Aedan

“I bought the mushroom because Aedan bought the mushroom house and we could play together with it…The mushroom lives in the mushroom house.” -Pierce

Art Fest 2014 – A Year In The Making Of KMS Art!

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Congratulations to our 5th grade graduates!

Deonya, Felipe, Mina and Lucie

Deonya – “It was fun but I was kind of nervous to give my presentation. I felt proud (and relieved). I liked the ‘Best Day of My Life’ video. It was funny and had stuff that you would never expect.” Felipe – “My favorite part was when everybody congratulated the 5th graders…Valentino’s dad wanted my explanations of the ‘4th Dimension’ to be in slow motion so he could understand them.” To see more of the stories and this magical night – read here

The Art of Storytelling

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The past few weeks have been filled with fun and creativity around the world of storytelling.  What are the different ways you can tell a story?

-The Atelier of Sound (With Lois and Gaydean) has been exploring how to create “sound effects” to tell a story
-Maria has been exploring how to create an illustration that tells a story
-Liz and Peyton have been using digital media to compose movies and stories.
-Alden has begun painting the KMS mural with the children, a piece that tells the story of our KMS community.


As we continue into the next week, we’ll be preparing for the KMS Art Fest.  Children will be preparing works, entertainment and a music video to share at that event!  Keep posted for more about the process in the following weeks.

And we’ll leave you now with our Cool School Song, written by an array of Elementary students as a gift to the Cool Campers (sung to the tune of “This Land is Your Land”):

This class is your class, this class is my class
from Cool camp, to KMS
from finding pine cones, to finding frog legs
This class was made for you and me
This lunch is your lunch, this lunch is my lunch
from the water fountain, to eggplant hot dogs
>from chocolate bars, to marshmallows
This lunch was made for you and me
This school is your school, this school is my school
from the waterhole, to dirt mountain
from swimming, to telling stories
this school was made for you and me
This earth is your earth, this earth is my earth
from the shooting stars, to the Atelier
to roly polys, to the butterflies
this earth was made for you and me
This love is your love, this love is my love
from flowers, to cute babies
from leaves and trees, to mother earth
this love was made for you and me!