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Kindergarten Application for Current Pre-K Students

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Reading Buddies

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Quotes from the Upper Elementary Students on Reading with the Pre-K: 

I like how Sophia and Emilia wanted me to read to them because it makes me feel special. I like how more and more kids started coming and listening to me. (Leo)

I like it that Otis and Itamar want me to read chapter books to them because I like to read chapter books myself. (Noah)

I like how more and more pre-K kids kept on joining my group and I got to have a big audience. (Zara)

Colby and Aspen were really involved with me the whole time. After the first time reading together, whenever I walk by them they say hi to me. I like that they are not shy: if they want to say something, they say it. Like, they ask me, “Can I go to the bathroom? Can we get water?” (Caroline)

At first only Oliver was listening and he chose the books. And Archer didn’t like the books by the cover, so he just walked away and wandered around the room. But later he joined in and started listening because I seemed to be reading the books that were interesting to him, like “Jupiter” which was about the planet Jupiter. (Billie)

Theater/Costume Day with the Pumpberries!

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Read about the journey through planning and executing Theater/Costume Day with the Pumpberries by clicking through to the PDF.

Exploring Gratitude through the Language of Making

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Once again the students and teachers of KMS and Watershed School – visiting from Boulder Colorado – continued to strengthen the beautiful ties of friendship and collaboration. This year’s concept of inquiry was gratitude, which we explored through hands-on activities crafted by the visiting 7th graders. Our week-long journey together culminated with an epic field trip to the Maker Faire.

Thank you, Watershed School, for another incredibly rich and meaningful experience working, playing, and learning together. We look forward to joining forces again next year!

ArtFest 2017

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ArtFest 2017 was a smash success! Thanks to all the students and teachers for their hard work, and our parent photographers for these great photos!

Cool Camp Trip 2017

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Cool Camp Trip 2017

in photos and quotes


“Cool camp let’s kids learn about animals and nature.” -Tallulah

Please click through for more Cool Camp in photos and quotes (PDF)

Alumni Visit to KMS

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We had some special Alumni Guests today in the Elementary Program! 90s KMS Kids Hannah and Rachel joined us for Emelia’s awesome collection (pictured, bottom left) and a special circle where we talked about KMS then and now. A snippet of the conversation is below, it was followed by singing all the Cool Camp songs!
What kind of projects are you doing now?
Hannah: I was working on smart water research for houses that can help them save water, so water doesn’t go to waste. A lot of companies are now creating technology to do that. I’m sure you guys know a lot about water and the environment…
Randall: They love meteorology!
Kids: *cheers, mixed with groans*
River: We learned too much about meteorology!
Kids: What was your favorite project while you were at KMS?
Hannah and Rachel: We were here for Preschool. I remember dressing up and dancing ballet and music and storytime and a lot of art.
Leo: Did you do a Spring Show?
H+R: We did a ballet performance. We went on trips to angel island for our picnic every year. We’re still friends after meeting at KMS!

The Language of Mathematics (and a heavy dose of teamwork)

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We spent the morning playing a fun math dice game called “Stuck in the Mud.” When the game was over, we recorded 15 double-digit scores – one for each student who played.

“Let’s put them all together,” Ruby (7 y/o) suggested. Then she added, “Who wants to work with me?”

Niko (7 y/o) and Abril (6 y/o) volunteered. I handed Ruby the clipboard of fifteen Stuck-In-The-Mud scores, all of which were in the double digit range. The three girls ran to the white board, picked up dry-erase markers, and began putting their heads together to add up all the scores. Applying skills learned from everyday math class, along with a heavy dose of perseverance, teamwork, and critical thinking, they worked out the final sum within an hour: 871!

Reflecting on this experience as an educator, I am not only proud of the hard work Ruby, Niko and Abril applied. I am inspired by the beauty in the way they embodied the KMS values through this experience.


Our Boat

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With our Peaches’ curiosity and imagination, an empty sand table has become a boat that takes four of them off to a great adventure on the sea!

No way. The hundred is there.

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Billie admires the first stanza of Loris Malaguzzi’s poem, The Hundred Languages of Children.  She knows this stanza well, as she proudly points to the word “hundred” and tells me, “This first part of the poem is my favorite.” Billie, along with her peers, has embarked on a profound journey to uncover the deep meaning of this poem, having already learned that Malaguzzi was a teacher who lived in Italy in a city called Reggio Emilia, and that he wrote this poem as he wanted the whole world to know what he thought about children.  As Billie studies words in the first stanza, she softly reads them out loud to herself:

“The child
is made of one hundred.
The child has
a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking.”

Later on that day, KMS Atelierista Alden and I asked Billie and her peers, “What kind of school do you think Malaguzzi wanted to create for children?

Billie replied by drawing this picture:


She elaborated by explaining, “Malaguzzi wanted to create a nice school that kids could have fun in and enjoy the free time and also the things that they had to learn and they don’t even notice. There might be something they don’t want to do and the teachers turn it funner and they turn it different and they turn it fun so they don’t even notice they’re learning.”

Here is a link to the full poem by Loris Malaguzzi: