“KMS: A Council school that listens and speaks from the heart.”
-Kate Lipkis

Katherine Michiels School is the 1st Preschool/Elementary School in Northern California to fully-embrace the practice of Council.

“Council is a practice of speaking and listening from the heart. Through compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathic, non-judgmental listening, Council inspires a non-hierarchical form of deep communication that reveals a group’s vision and purpose.” (-from CIS website

“The mission of CIS is to inspire engaged and compassionate school communities through practices that connect academic and social-emotional learning.  CIS accomplishes this mission by bringing Council to schools around the world.  When Council is integrated into the school classroom, the learning environment is transformed.”

Council in Schools

In this video the Ojai Foundation’s ground-breaking work in bringing the practice of council into schools is told from the perspectives of students, teachers, administrators and TOF program personnel.  For more information about Council in Schools The Ojai Foundation click here.