“De Colores” Spanish Language & Culture Program

The De Colores Spanish program’s mission is to expose children of all ages to the Spanish language in a relaxed, fun and creative context.

Early exposure to cultures other than our own fosters greater understanding, tolerance and involvement in the world outside of the school, outside of one’s city and outside of one’s country. We believe it is an understanding and involvement which is increasingly important in today’s global culture.

The Spanish program at KMS exposes young children to a foreign language in a friendly, playful and positive way. By integrating it into the children’s daily routine, they learn in a way that directly relates to them and their interests. By encompassing conversational skills and vocabulary development, the program strives to develop proficiency in speaking, listening, comprehending, reading and writing.

Cultural studies, i.e. art, dance and music are also an integral part to this program component. Students benefit from a close working relationship with some of San Francisco’s leading dance companies. Members of the companies often teach and perform with the children.
With the Mission district as our second classroom, students visit galleries, museums, restaurants and markets where they connect with local artists, experience the culture and learn about the beauty of murals, relevant sites and celebrations like the Day of the Dead. Our day starts with songs and rhythms of Mexico, followed by exercises that include conversation and the practice of common sentences. The day often culminates with relevant arts & crafts activities.



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Director Maria Luna brings a wide range of enjoyable experiences that include games, dance, cooking, theater and music to the students.

The program offers the opportunity for students to travel to Mexico to meet the local children, to practice their Spanish skills and to learn about the culture first-hand. This trip is available for all our families to participate in. Participants are immersed in the language and culture of Mexico with many activities and excursions from the making of traditional paper flowers to boating through a local swamp to study alligators and other flora and fauna.