Dance & Art Camp

Bring together two very different art forms into one camp that is full of fun, creativity and friendship as it offers activities using dance, movement, singing, drawing  and a history of dance. Learning and practicing discipline and perseverance through the experience in these arts are the basis of this camp’s design. During the two weeks, campers will be able to develop their own performance piece with their imaginations as well as learn about many different types of dance forms.


Session 5: Monday, July 24th-Friday August 4th WAIT LIST


Randa Atkin

3d83ca0Randa Atkins grew up in San Francisco’s vibrant mission district, where her family embraced the culture and arts. She is an Alumna of Katherine Michiels School. Her formal education always had the compliment complement of dance and music schools including Children’s After School Arts program, The American Gymnastics School, San Francisco Gymnastics, Shan Yee Poon Ballet School, Academy of Ballet in San Francisco, Arts House Dance Company, Phildelphia Philadelphia Dance Company’s Company (Philadanco) and any kind of drop in classes she could find. It was in high school that Randa first began subbing and teaching her own dance classes while at the same time, performing with Academy’s youth company, Chamberdance and participating in her high school’s a cappella group. For her senior project, she returned to Children’s After School Arts (CASA) to teach weekly dance classes and choreograph movement for the annual play – something CASA had never done before. Today, their dance program still runs strong. Randa is passionate about early childhood education and plans to get her PhD, as her time at UPenn fostered a love of research. Randa believes discipline and perseverance are the benefits she learned with her extensive experience in the arts and they were so important to her success in school. Her summer camp with KMS will provide a similar experience for the next generation.

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