Digital Storytelling Camp

No writing or drawing required!

Kids are full of imagination, creativity and stories. The Digital Storytelling Summer Camp allows campers to make their stories come to life. Our leaders will help campers develop their ideas into a storyboard to be used as a guideline for their digital story. Campers will use mobile devices, tablets and computers to create their story using cloud-based software.


Learn how to use technology to:

  • Tell a story using only photos
  • Animate your story

+stop motion animation
+flip book style animation
+animate cutouts into a video

Students will:

  • Brainstorm their story
  • Define the conflict or message
  • Storyboard the story (beginning, middle, end)
  • Identify the characters, develop personality traits
  • Imagine a setting
  • Create their story

For more information email
or call 415-735-0960.

Digital Story Telling Camp available Session 3 only

All camp registration is done through Design By Youth form:

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Jason Dare Founder

Jason Dare enjoys teaching technology and loves inspiring people to learn. He has over 15 years of teaching experience with students ranging in age from 5-100.  Jason joined the KMS team as our IT expert in 2010.

Programs at focus on project-based learning. While most projects are focused around the use of technology, students also learn life and career skills. Programs integrate “design thinking”, collaboration, and project management while working in teams. sparks the fire but it’s the students own curiosity that fuels the learning.

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