Essence of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is self-expression. This fun class starts with kids learning to understand the beat and different sides of the music. The full body warm-up focuses on giving children better tools to utilize the complete capacity of their bodies. Some history will be shared of the development of what started Hip-Hop and how it has changed today. The first few classes focus on progressions across the floor to get the children comfortable with sequence. Then we decide on a song and choreograph sections as a group, giving everyone a voice and sense of confidence. Recommended for ages 6 – 9. Other ages, please still inquire.

For more information about Essence of Hip Hop, please contact Katy Rous at

Katy Rous

Lead Enrichment Teacher

Katy, a San Francisco native, has been teaching kids Hip-Hop, Ballet and over 30 forms of cultural dance in the Bay Area for over 20 years. She has taught at every major dance school in San Francisco including Dance Mission and ODC and additionally in many enrichment programs at other schools . Her company World Dance Fusion has performed her choreography for the past 13 yrs. in SF, NY as well as internationally in Brazil, Spain, India and Pakistan. In 2007 she was invited by the US government to be an ambassador for dance. Katy is also a professional actress that has been in numerous plays, movies and TV shows including a Christmas Carol with ACT and a  guest starring role on Boy Meets World. Her band Lua Cheia (for which she sings and plays percussion) has performed at various venues around the Bay Area including Amnesia. Previously Katy has also been the chair of a PE and Arts department of an ESL school in San Jose. Katy is excited to teach Dance, Music and Theater at Katherine Michiels School.

Day: TBD
Rate: $77/month

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