Faculty & Staff Directory

Since 1999, Katherine Michiels School has been operating under a cooperative administration composed of women and men who are both parents and educators. The persons listed on this page are directly responsible for their programs.  They are your direct contact person for questions, needs, compliments, contributions, etc., with regards to your child(ren). 

KMS prefers 1-on-1, personal communication. KMS prefers voicemail rather than email. The staff is better able to respond when we can hear your voice as it provides us with a better understanding of your message. The process of receiving and responding to email takes us away from our primary responsibility of caring for and interacting with the children.

The school has a voicemail system that allows the directors to stay involved with the children and return calls during their scheduled breaks. Please call (415) 821-1434 and leave a message on the appropriate extension. This is a 24-hour system; please use it at your convenience.

Each extension’s outgoing message states when the Head Teacher/Director is able to return calls. All staff pick up their messages a minimum of once a day at specific times. Please be available for your call back or specify that it is OK to leave a message with the information requested.

-To bypass the main menu you can immediately punch in the extension you want.
-To bypass that extension’s message press pound twice (# #).

KMS Administrative Staff

Randall Johnson

Elementary School Program Director – Ext. 2
With KMS since 1985

Yolanda Ancheta

Infant/Toddler and Preschool Program Director – Ext. 1
With KMS since 1994

Maria Luna

De Colores Spanish Program Director
Dance Program Director
With KMS since 1984

Laura Zellerbach

Director of Curriculum and Staff Development
With KMS since 2013

Vincent Arroyo

Admissions Director – (415) 821-0130
With KMS since 2008

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Program Extensions

Infant and Toddler Program – Ext. 1
Preschool Program – Ext. 1
KMS Elementary School: Kindergarten – 5th grade – Ext. 2
Elementary After School – Ext. 3

School Administration

Accounting/KMS Bookkeeper – kmsbookkeeper@openmindsf.org
Office Open Mind/KMS – (415) 821 0130
Emergency Contact – (415) 821 0130