Gymnastics Camp

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The KMS Summer Camp Program is excited to be partnering with ACROSports to provide this NEW camp at KMS!


AcroSports’ energetic class introduces gymnastics to students with a focus on coordination, flexibility and strength. AcroSports’ gymnastics classes are designed to encourage students to develop spatial awareness, balance and gross motor skills. Classes are delivered by experienced coaches using a range of USA Gymnastics approved equipment including panel mats, incline mat, springboard, balance beam and low bar.

Circus Arts 

This is an introductory program focusing on circus arts, creative movement and performance. Students will be guided through themes like balance, character development, and object manipulation. Students will learn basic floor tumbling like cartwheels and rolls, with an emphasis on choreography and teamwork.

In AcroSports’ Circus Arts classes students will learn synchronized floor tumbling, trick jump rope, hulahooping, juggling, and partner acrobatics. We’ll teach them the beginning of dance, and how to work as a team as they learn exciting new skills in a safe and supportive environment. Creativity is embraced is this physically challenging course as children learn how to own a stage and tell a story through movement.

We propose to introduce the students to a range of modalities during the first week of camp including: tumbling, gymnastics, dance, and circus arts. We would then develop some of these skills further in the second week as led by the students’ enthusiasm.

Session 6: Monday August 8th-Friday August 18th WAIT LIST

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