How We Assess Learning

Work Sampling System enhances learning and teaching.

Assessment is an important part of learning as it develops in the student the ability to reflect on their actions during the process. At KMS we believe that the evaluation experience should be a positive and constructive one and that it will give the student the tools to know their strengths and the areas that need improvement.

The evaluation process at KMS is based on the Work Sampling System from the Omnibus Guidelines. This assessment tool is based on California standards. It documents and assesses children’s skills, knowledge, behavior and accomplishments across a wide variety of curriculum areas.
This system was chosen because it is designed for preschool through 5th grade thus enabling KMS students who start with us in preschool or Kindergarten to experience a smooth transition through to 5th grade. This consistancy helps both the students learning and the teachers ability to support the development of the child.

Evaluations are completed in November and May of every year and discussed during the parent-teacher conferences. One tool KMS utilizes in those meetings is the Work Sampling System, an instructional assessment tool based on California standards. While assessment is ongoing, three times a year it is summarized in order to evaluate progress and make adjustments where necessary thereby enhancing a child’s learning and the teacher’s effectiveness.

By utilizing the Work Sampling System, teachers can reflect on age-appropriate classroom goals and objectives and thereby monitor children’s continuous progress and placing their work within a broad developmental perspective. Through documenting and evaluating individual performance of classroom-based tasks, “the Work Sampling System strengthens student motivation, assists teachers in instructional decision-making, and serves as an effective means for reporting children’s progress to families, educators and the community.”