KMS Full Moon Band

“Music is the sharing of sound.” – KMS student

“KMS Full Moon Band” – Thursday, November 6th
(5:30 – 7:00 pm)


Our Story

First there was Funga Alafiyah.

Now, there’s the “KMS Full Moon Band!”

Here’s our “KMS Full Moon Band” song:

I see a full moon arising
I see all good things on the way
Come and make it bright
We’re gonna hoot and howl tonight
I see a full moon on the rise!

Click here for the tune (0:20)

Who are we?

All KMS families are part of the “KMS Full Moon Band.”

All KMS families are invited to bring your favorite instrument (voice, kazoo, guitar, violin, washboard, car keys, spoons, etc.) to make music together.  “Hoot and howl” with us in an informal, fun-filled night of song, music, and stories.


On the full moon, of course!

This month it is:  Thursday, November 6th   (5:30 – 7:00 p.m.)

No RSVPs needed.  Just show up.


Location to be announced in next week’s Weekly Communicator.