Music and Movement

In the classroom, Orff Schulwerk brings music, dance and games together to make learning music a fun and engaging process for all involved.  In my classroom i draw from Orff Schulwerk materials using a small harp to sing and introduce familiar songs and world music and movement to engage all students. In addition I use scarves, shakers, sticks and other props  to support students enjoyment.  My goal is to bring what students enjoy most, to make music education a fun and creative experience for all.

Amelia Romano

Music Teacher

With almost a decade of experience teaching harp in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad, Amelia Romano offers knowledge in a breadth of repertoire ranging from Folk Traditions to Latin, Jazz and Classical music. As a composer, arranger and improviser, she brings a passion for musical experimentation and creativity, inviting her students to explore their musical passions and learn through experience. In the classroom, Amelia brings her passion for learning and sharing, using a small harp to lead the class in song. As a music teacher specializing in Orff Music philosophy she draws on world music, games and movement pieces to educate the child through experience.


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