Parent Participation

Parent involvement is encouraged. Parents are always welcome to visit. We want parents to be familiar with their child’s teachers and daily life. We also encourage parents to share any special skills or talents they may have with the school. Several parents have performed at our annual fundraisers. There are also other opportunities for volunteering when school is not in session including Garden Day in April and the Arts Festival and Raffle in May.KMS has adopted a Parent Participation Policy in order to clarify expectations and encourage the involvement of all KMS families in the health and continued growth and strengthening of the school. Mandatory expectations include:

  1. Attend all parent meetings and conferences regarding your child.
  2. Five volunteer hours per year.
  3. Participation in  Annual Fund each November.  The contribution for scholarship/teacher benefit fund.
  4. $300 minimum contribution per family in raffle ticket sales and participation in the  Annual Fundraiser each spring.
  5. 4 shifts of Parking Greeter per child (either morning or afternoon)