Parents Notice

Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, Lois Fein, asks parents at Back to School Night, “What did you notice?”

The GROUNDSWELL: Together, we NOTICE  (11:44) 


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KMS Parents Notice…

via Social Media, “Thank you” Letters and Testimonials


“When I visited KMS I was immediately struck by the overwhelming feeling of joy…

The Reggio Emilia educational approach is phenomenal.   Hands -on, play-based where the teachers are partners with the children, not dictators.

My son is reading like a champ and adores going to school.

[KMS kids] get double or triple more play time outside than other schools. Constant field trips and a school-owned camp ground near Yosemite. Cooking and capoeira classes. All make learning and life joyous…Of all the schools I have stepped in, both professionally and personally, this is the best!”

– KMS Parent Churyl Zavier


“My granddaughter has been going to KMS since August…

When I see her, she sings me songs that she has learned at KMS and has now started counting in Spanish with me.  I speak Spanish with her as often as I can.  But it is super wonderful to know that she is learning Spanish at school as well.…

Since she has been at KMS, she has begun to interact more confidently with others beyond the circle of mommy and family.

It is obvious to me that her experience with her teachers is helping her interact with others with more curiosity and confidence.

My granddaughter is definitely getting the encouragement, stimulation and guidance that she needs at school.  Her parents have made a wise choice.”

– KMS Grandparent Anthony Gallardo


The Big Picture

“The overall curriculum is incredibly individualized and allows for your child to make choices every day with the gentle direction of the teacher.”
“The environmental lessons in the curriculum are outstanding, too.  The kids learn about organic gardening and food – it will blow your mind how fast they have your kid loving beets and cauliflower!”

“There is consistent talk of being ‘kind-hearted’ and belonging to the community of people at KMS.”

“The children here [at KMS] are really respected, listened to and I’ve seen them grow and be allowed to grow into who they are – and that’s really beautiful.”

Alumni Parents Notice

Musings of a Parent: Am I Doing the Right Thing?

As much as I love KMS, the nurturing, the caring, the independence my child is learning, the “I can do it” attitude, the happiness I see in his face daily, the curiosity to learn and investigate and the acceptance that all of that is welcomed, I still wonder if I am doing the right thing.

Is his education good enough?  No tests, no rigidness, will he be prepared for middle school, high school, college and beyond?  As a parent it is my responsibility to make the right decisions for my child and I wonder.  Can this be the right decision?

Then I look at the facts.  My son is happy here, he is learning.  Then I ask the counsel of those I trust.  Do you think this is OK?  You better come and look at the school so you can see what I am talking about.  I take my aunt to see this amazing place and she comes away saying “This is the most organized chaos I have ever experienced.”  “But do you think it is OK?” I push.  She asks “What do you want for your child when he grows up?”

I know the answer to that:  I want him to be happy and successful.  What does that look like?  He should be happy with who he is and what he is doing.  I don’t know what he will chose to do, but if he is happy and fulfilled I will be happy for him.  I want him to be a “mensch,” compassionate, caring, loving and respectful of himself and others.

My aunt asks if he will get that at KMS and the answer is a resounding YES!  That is exactly what he will get.  So he must be in the right place.

Several years later when it was time to go to middle school, I wondered again, will he be able to fit in, will they accept him, will he thrive in a “regular school”?

We went to several schools to interview and they all wanted him.

When he goes to parties he will talk to or play with any age person, whether a two-year-old on the floor or the adults that are our friends.  He is comfortable.

My son went to a middle school that was very different from KMS, particularly in the amount of freedoms or lack thereof that the children had.  He was able to see what he liked and what he did not like, but was able to adjust well.  He is now a senior in high school, getting straight A’s and charting his own path.  There are so many options that he is looking at, I am surprised where all this comes from.  He had thoughts of joining the US Coast Guard, or going to college, or doing a gap year in Israel, or going to college and playing soccer or becoming a professional soccer player.  We are allowing him the time and experience to find out more about all these avenues and decide for himself what is next.

I am so proud of my son – he is an amazing young man, centered and poised and not swayed by all the things that other kids his age are doing.  He loves music, sports, school, socializing and just being present wherever he is and that is what we got out of KMS.

Thank you KMS for an amazing education, and all the love you gave – not only to Daniel, but to our entire family.

Adriana Finnie
Alumni Parent,
Daniel Finnie – KMS 5th Grade Graduate