Ceramics – Film Making Camp

KMS Elementary Teacher, Peyton Pickenpaugh takes kids on a combined 2-D, 3-D experience as she shares her creative passion for manipulating both pixels and clay. We’ll be “firing up” both iMovie and a ceramics kiln.

Ceramics and Film Making Available in Session 5 only

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Peyton Pickenpaugh

Upper Elementary Teacher
Peyton Pickenpaugh has been doing ceramics her whole life. Her father is a potter and she attended his classes as a toddler. She is now a ceramic artist and educator living and working in the Mission district of San Francisco. She enjoys teaching young students the basics of hand building and clay construction. Working with clay is a therapeutic activity. It allows students to express their creativity through working with their hands. In this summer camp, students will experience the joy of creating texture plaques, animal creatures and a coil pot out of clay.

“My teaching experience and philosophy aligns very closely to the Reggio Emilia approach. As I begin my time with KMS, I am eager to continue learning in-depth about this approach approach alongside other parents and teachers who are dedicated to a school-wide implementation of a self-pased, supportive learning environment.”