Superb Science


Kindergarten (4-6 year-olds): Thursdays at 3:30-4:20pm

Elementary (6-11 year-olds) : Fridays at 3:30-4:20pm. 

Enrichment Classes are $77/month.

This fun, hands-on class of science experimentation is a great way for kids to explore, investigate and understand the world around them. For more information about Superb Science please contact Randall Johnson at

Jump in with KMS Director, Randall Johnson as he leads students with hands-on experiments including studying Newton’s Laws with water bottle rockets. Learn about the states of matter and sublimation with bubbles and dry ice. Randall, a teacher at KMS for over 27 years, has been interested in science ever since he fell in love with Frankenstein in 1st grade, then again, with Jack Cousteau in 4th grade! He loves doing science with kids because with kids, one can find science in anything and everything. Experience the fun of science!

See some of the über-exciting things this Randalls science class did this year!

Science Camp

What’s going on? The dry ice in this huge Erlenmeyer flask isn’t evaporating. What’s it doing?

Science CampRandall’s students having fun with science.


Randall Johnson

Elementary Director
Randall joined KMS in 1985 as an art specialist and preschool teacher, and became Kindergarten teacher in 1993 and Elementary Director in 1995. A graduate of Washington State University, Johnson continued his studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. He also has trained with High Scope and Reggio Emilia and project-based learning, and received additional training in crisis prevention and intervention from Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma. A member of the Open Mind Board of Trustees, Johnson comes from a family of educators; two sisters are teachers, and his mother, Arden Johnson, taught Kindergarten for more than 20 years. Johnson’s son, Sam, and daughter, Elly, graduated from KMS.



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